Monday, December 12, 2005

Details on the Revolution System... and a new MMORPG

Hi all !

I've been asked many questions again by Kevin from, which has an informative blog on Nintendo Revolution. I'll answer to them, and these days i'll do even more : i'll talk about a completly new game on Revolution : a MMORPG that will use many features of the Nintendo Revolution controller. I'll tell you about the philosophy of Nintendo Revolution, and why we developed such a hardware. So here we go.

The interview (again ???)

Will the ON Visor simply be an addon that is not required to play the Revolution?
=> Yes. Games which are not compatible with the "ON" (i'll keep this name) can be played on usual TVs. But it's not very impressive like this...

Will Nintendo sell the system say with the console shown at E3, the Freehand Style controller and numbchuck attachement and then you play the games on a standard TV or do you NEED to use the Visor?

=> Yes, see my previous answer.

Casual gamers would be turned off by the prospect of wearing the Visor. I can't see the ON being a required piece of hardware but rather an addon like the Zapper was for the NES.

=> This is the case, as I explain.

It would be really nice if you could break down and doo a full article on how exactly the ON and the system shown at E3 works together and talk about the ports on the console shown at E3, where the memory card slots go, etc. I just want to get an idea of how all this works. Surely you can talk about that if you can reveal that a Visor is in the works. Could you step by step explain how the units work together? Discuss everything and also talk about the video card if you can if not at least explain in full detail how both the console shown at E3 and the ON Visor works together and I mean everything. Whats in the console shown at E3? This is the full console right? I assume the ON Brain is nothing more then perhaps a storage drive, two DVD drives, a WiFi card and sensors where as the graphics. Otherwise how would the other console shown at E3 be able to play games without the use of the ON Brain/Visor setup? Please explain.

=> I think i already explained this, no ? But i'll do it again, in a simple way. There are 3 elements in the Revolution System : the main unit, the controller and the "brain" (including the visor). The main unit allows to play oldies and GC games, but Revolution games too (but without the ON fonction, this is very important). This is for the 'classic' gaming. Then, for interaction with the game like i'll explain later, there are two elements : the ON to see and to hear, and the controller to act. The only thing i can't say because it has too much patents on it is how and what you see during the game. This is the famous 'secret' of Miyamoto. The 'brain' handles every data from the ON, and transmits them to the main unit. In this sense, we can see the main unit as a 'relay' of the brain. I think it's useless to say that games are much more impressive with the ON. The visor allows to see and to hear, by the way you really can hear like if you were in a real environment... Finally, the Nintendo Revolution controller that you already know, allows to directly interact with the environment. Playing has never been so intuitive.

Before developing this hardware, intense reserach has been done in the field of virtual reality : how does a human reacts in a virtual world ? How does he move ? How does he interact ? Some trivial elements are that you have to interact in real-time with virtual environment (VE), so you must have many computation power. You have to see and hear like you would do if you were in a real world, so the visor is here to provide you the eyes and the ears of this virtual world. Moreover, you should be able to move, walk, run and so on. The 'nunchaku' plays this role. Finally, you should touch, take, drop objects. This is the role of the controller. Wih those important results in mind, you see that the development of Nintendo Revolution is the result of research in virtual reality, the system has been thought for a ultimate experience.

I think this is a simple but very clear view of how the system works, and what is the role of each element. If you want more details, please ask. I wanted to provide a global view to everybody first.

Finally, think about these elements : Think about the names of the CPU and GPU. How do you look a movie ? This is THE key. Why did Nintendo Revolution so expansive to develop whereas it only uses updated versions of GCs components ? Why did you not see a game yet ? Why will you say 'Wow' like said Satoru Iwata ?

Also I would like to establish a chat with you via messenger or AIM. It could be a private chat if you wanted to do it that way. Anyways I expect that you will keep your promise and answer out questions...

=> If you want so, no problem. I'll contact you soon.


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

As always thanks for answering our questions. If/when we have the chat I will give you the option to have it public or private. Also I have Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays off so I would prefer it if we did it one one of those days. You can get my Messenger/Aim details on ZogDog in my profile. Again thanks for answering the questions. As a small thank you I added your blog into my links sidebar on my blog.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger zachary said...

please i.m me ND-rev(or something) I am 1crazyboy7 tell me urs however u feel like it.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Tetsuo Otomo said...

I think you should use Gamehelix chat room. You go to the room,make a name, go to your site here and post what your name is so no one can copy, then you have a open gaming chat forum.

At 10:48 PM, Blogger Biggiesized said...


You must be a SG007 tool.

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Biggiesized said...

Also, you claim to know everything about the Revolution. Well I have a set of specs here that, after I talked with a huge PC techie guy, said they could very well be real with all of Nintendo's comments in mind.

I'd like to talk to you about them sometime.


AIM: BigC 072

Drop me a line sometime if you are free. I'll be available.

At 12:22 AM, Blogger DevilsRejection said...

I smell shenanigans

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Tetsuo Otomo said...

Who is SG007? Did he create gamehelix? My best friend told me about Gamehelix. It tells you when news reports are up on Joystiq and IGN. It has links to GS,,, It has a chat room where they cant tell who you are or trace it to you. No one is ever there so I suggested it. If you are saying i am someones tool. FUCK YOU FAT MAN BIGGIESIZED! You are are stupid fucking wanker.

At 4:49 AM, Blogger Claude Akabane said...

N5_Dev i'd like to have some chat with you:
my msn is

thanks in advance

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Biggiesized said...

Fine. I stand corrected, tetsuo. Your friend is a tool of SG007 and therefore you are an IDIOT for befriending such a dope.

At 4:27 AM, Blogger aZrev said...

Seira, ha.

Don't make me laugh.

The real Aries has much better writing skills than you do.


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