Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Nintendo Revolution doesn't need HD support !

Here is an article that i just wrote and that i want to share with you! Have a good read.

About HD (High Definition)

One of the first things that a Sony or Microsoft fanboy will tell you about Nintendo Revolution is : « Lame, this console does not support HD ». HD. High Definition. Who cared about this two years ago? Nobody. However today it seems for a large part of gamers that a console not supporting HD is a big mistake. They're partially true because HD-televisions are becoming cheaper and cheaper, even if they are much more expansive than regular TV's. HD brings nicer graphics by offering a display much more detailed because it's composed of much more pixels. With the increasing computing power of video games consoles, HD is becoming possible, but at what price! If you want to display HD textures, you need to store in RAM heavy textures... Which makes that your console needs many RAM. Just look at the Xbox 360 for example: it has 512 MB of RAM. You may think this is huge which is true compared to the 64 MB of the first Xbox. However, the Xbox only had to display « normal » graphics, because it was meant to play on usual TV's. Proposing a new gaming experience with awesome HD graphics also implies that you'll buy a new TV to enjoy it at its maximum. Only a fraction of the population currently knows it, and a smaller fraction is ready to spend a huge amount of money in a HD-TV. But the question is: does Nintendo Revolution really needs to support HD? If you're bored to read my article, i can tell you the answer is no. If you're curious and want to know why, read the rest!

Nintendo Revolution and its display

Since this point there will be much speculation from my part. However, i've been quite a good guesser by the past, and many clues came to support my theories. But please read this speculation, it coasts nothing uh? There is currently large evidence that Nintendo Revolution will display graphics in a totally new way: for example the total lack of screenshots, strange quotes and hints from Nintendo executives... I won't quote them all here because this is not the purpose of this article and because i don't have a week to write them all down! One of the strongest of these proofs comes from connections of Nintendo with the movies industry. First, the name that Nintendo gave to its CPU : Hollywood and Broadway. Hollywood is known worldwide to be the capital of movies, and Broadway the capital of entertainement with awesome shows. This single hint wouldn't be enough to prove anything, i agree. But Nintendo also announced (dig in Kevin's blog...) that Nintendo bought a movie studio. Mmmmh, a second clue. Nintendo even wants to make Metroid and Zelda movies! For sure, Nintendo has a connection with movie, there are several solid proofs to it. But what else?

3D display and Nintendo Revolution

The unusual way to display graphics of Revolution is rumored to be a form of 3D projection like Stereoscopic 3D, which would make you feel like the game would take place in your room, and you'd really feel inside the game. The game elements that would appear in 3D-space would seem real to the player. Many people on the web brought solid proofs that this kind of technology could be cheap and easy to implement: a societey named Light Blue Optics produces such a system. You'll note the « Blue Light » name in the society and the blue light in front of the Revolution, just up to the slot. It could be a hint to the relation between this society and Nintendo. But you'll tell me: « Well, and what about HD? ». I'm coming to this point. Steven Spielberg said at a movie realisators conference that he was going to release 3D versions of his movies with a new technology and that a japanese video game company will use it in 2006... Isn't it enough? It's an evidence today that any form of 3D projection is the main secret of Nintendo Revolution. And the fact that Nintendo Revolution is going to use the same technology that will be widely used in movies industry is the key to understand why Revolution does not need HD.

Nintendo Revolution: a universal movie player

It has officially been announced that Revolution will be able to read usual DVD movies with a dongle (which will be an add-on), which will allow to read all the movies you already have. But imagine just one moment that a new DVD-format (let's call it 3DVD) would appear to support the 3D projection capacity of future movies like it's going to begin this year. Using this format, you can feel like if you were on Tatooine, or flying in a spaceship, by seeing everything from the scene just around you and your beer. A movie that would not be confined to the usual screen and his four corners, like would say Shigeru Miyamoto. What would be the best player for 3DVD? You already guessed the answer: Nintendo Revolution. A console that can read all your DVDs. All future 3DVDs movies. A console that would be a universal movie player, in addition to be a universal Nintendo games player with his capability to run NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64 and Game Cube games (and Revolution games of course). In my opinion, this is the revolution that is awaiting. What would you prefer? Watching a movie in HD with awesome graphics, but on an expansive screen with a fixed size, or watching a movie like if you'd be inside this movie? My answer like yours will be an big YES, for sure.

A universal Revolution

Nintendo with his virtual console wants to appeal 80's gamers, 90's gamers, casual gamers, and even non-gamers. In addition to this, Nintendo will appeal parents, grand-parents and the whole family with games fun and easy to use, with a simple remote control like they've known for years and 3D projection; and with a new way to see movies with 3DVDs (like i call them in this article) on this 3DVDs player that you control with the same remote! So Revolution would be a universal movie player (usual DVDs and new 3DVDs), a universal Nintendo games console (NES, SNES, N64, GC and Revolution games), appealing all kinds of players and non-players. This would be a very tactical approach because it would immediately make the HD obsolete for most people. And who would buy a Blu-Ray player (PS3 or player alone) with a Revolution able to offer an amazing visual and gaming experience? That's what i thought, nobody.


By developping a new hybrid video game machine, Nintendo is going to take part in another main part of entertainement: movies. By offering a 3D projection experience for movies, they are aiming a market that has never seemed so wide. So why spending money in HD-support? Why proposing a video game console at 400$ when you can propose optimized and ingenious technology for much cheaper? Why putting large amounts of RAM when it becomes useless? Definitely, Nintendo Revolution does not need HD but for sure Sony and Microsoft need to sit down and relax until Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo of Japan, finally drops the awesome bomb Nintendo Revolution is.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Revolution Philosophy

The Revolution Philosophy


The video game market has gained considerable expansion since it appeared to the public (early eighteen). In order to offer a better game experience, video game systems offer smarter graphics, optimized sound effects and so on at each generation. These improvements are also developed, of course, to appeal the consumer. However, the basis of each video game that is released today lies on concepts from very old games. At this time, do we often see the emergence of new concepts? The answer is: no. When it is the case, the game is usually seen as a masterpiece, as it innovates and allows a new gaming experience. With these things in mind, we could predict that the future of gaming is using concepts previously developed in games with better graphics and a more complex gameplay. So evolution of hardware would only be a succession of machines, always more powerful. But would a player with this point of view would be a long-term player? Certainly not. In this article, we'll try to explain why Nintendo Revolution will be a real revolution in gaming and why its development strategy is so relevant to the situation in which the market is.

Why and how innovate?

Innovation is a very dangerous thing because of its randomness: it costs much to the company, and this makes unsure the success of the product. Cost reasons are obvious as innovation needs research & development, a very expansive domain with uncertain results. Furthermore, even if players always ask for something new, they're very attached to well-known concepts and are refractory when you present them a new concept. You can find this paradox in the domain of 2D fighting games for example. However, if innovation is thought in a ingenious way, then it will be a success: just look how many Nintendogs games have been sold in the world.

The risks of innovation explain why editors prefer improving concepts, or rather proposing a simple upgrade each year (FIFA 2056...). It's easy too to release a game related to a very popular movie that has just came out. The paradox is that big companies like EA prefer to follow this point of view, whereas little companies tend to have few bucks but much ideas, and finally innovation comes quite often from them. So the key of innovation is to propose universal concepts that will be understandable in 10 seconds, or original concepts including a part of existing elements the player will be familiar with. This fragile alchemy is the key of innovation's success. You'll notice that nowadays soul of innovation lies anyway on software, and not on hardware. Controllers are basically the same since the NES : sticks and buttons. Hardware is becoming more and more powerful, but can we call it "innovation"? Basics of video games hardware have not changed much in 20 years. So a real and huge innovation would be a system offering a new kind of hardware and original software. Nintendo Revolution is on that way as we'll see in the next part.

Hardware of Revolution : designed to « expand gaming », but not only

In this part, I’ll try to extract the key points that characterize Nintendo Revolution's philosophy. We'll see how each of these points agrees with the concept of innovation and expansion of the gaming market.

Innovation allows to have long-term players, but it can appeal new players too. That's what Nintendo likes to call "Expand the market of gaming". Video game players are typically between 10 and 30 years old. Older people are afraid by complexity of video games: who hasn't heard his parents say, trying to make them play "Oh my god, all these buttons! So complicated...". A system which can be played easily even by older people would be massively more played, this is an evidence. It could make a whole family play together to video games. This aspect of simplicity is one of the keys of Revolution. Furthermore, by directly playing by moving the controller, which can represent a sword, a tennis racket, a golf club and so on, everyone can have fun immediately. These reasons explain why the Revolution will be without any doubt the console with maximal accessibility for people of various ages.

Now let's talk about the immersive side. Existing video games systems can be very immersive: if the story is fascinating enough, or if it requires much concentration, you'll make an abstraction of your whole real environment. But this is only one of the immersion aspects. A few years ago, Nintendo tried to develop immersive hardware with few success: the Virtual Boy for example. Not really a home system, not really a handled console, this system allowed not much innovation, but much headaches for sure! Poor graphics and sounds, very few games, this system did not have many reasons to convince a gamer to buy it. Nintendo worked on a virtual glove too, which has been released for the NES. This one was impressive, but not really immersive. However, this was a good attempt to make the player directly interacting with the game using moves. The Nintendo Revolution controller is a modern version of this virtual glove, much more efficient and wireless but basically this is the same thing. This controller is a very ingenious idea, because it is very similar with virtual reality or motion sensing technologies, but much cheaper, let me explain. Nowadays engineers can manipulate virtual molecules, virtual pieces of a car prototype and others with expansive and advanced systems of virtual reality (VR). Nintendo found the way to develop a controller which has the same functions as these advanced systems of VR, but much cheaper using mass production and simplification. With this new controller, your acts will be directly included in the game, there is a real fusion between the player and the game: immersion is very high.

Finally, let's talk about nostalgia. Many players who began video games with Mario Bros around 1985 have stopped to play with the age of 3D gaming. Since 1995, and the arrival of Playstation and Nintendo 64, a huge number of players did not recognize themselves in what video games were becoming. Graphics progressively took a more and more important place in gaming, and sweet concepts started to disappear. A part of these players is coming back to gaming with the Nintendo DS, which offers many 2D gaming and innovative concepts of games. One of the reasons of Nintendo DS's success is this feeling of nostalgia that this kind of players have in their heart: the good times of 2D, with NES, Super NES, Master System, Genesis... Nintendo Revolution will use player's nostalgia in a better way that Nintendo DS does: it will allow to download games from NES, Super NES and Nintendo 64, and Nintendo Revolution will be able to run every Nintendo game ever made. If you belong to the category of players I described before, you'll want a Nintendo Revolution at home for sure: you won't resist to this alchemy of retro gaming and innovation.

Well, it's a nice thing to propose new hardware and new games concepts. But innovation has a price! Just look at the price of next-gen consoles: Xbox 360 is $300-400, PS3 is announced around $400. Price is a major problem for most gamers, and this point can influence what system they'll buy. By proposing a relative low-price (less than $300), Nintendo will make Revolution available for a large part of the population. It has always been Nintendo's strategy to offer consoles at low prices, and it perfectly works: the perfect example is DS versus PSP. One of the reasons which explains why DS is a success is its price, Sony PSP does not sell so much because of its very high price ($250). Using mass production and technological tricks, Nintendo is able to offer these low prices.


Accessibility, immersion, nostalgia and a low price are the four key-concepts which summarize the philosophy of Nintendo Revolution. Each of these concepts brings one or several categories of players : accessibility will appeal older people, immersion will appeal people from various ages, nostalgia will bring back "old" players, and the low price will be an argument for everyone. But Nintendo Revolution does more than expanding the market of gaming: it will probably be a new basis for future generations of consoles, even if Revolution's direction is radically different from Sony and Microsoft. It's a high risk, but Nintendo saw with DS that people had a very positive feeling with the DS. Finally, the Nintendo Revolution definitely seems to be the perfect answer to the question: "How can we expand and revolutionize the market of gaming?".

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nintendo Revolution : du lourd en perspective

Bonjour à tous,

Je vous laisse méditer ces quelques lignes de Perrin Kaplan, vice-présidente du marketing chez Nintendo USA, lors de la "minute d'IGN". A la première lecture, on se dit "bouarf, rien de neuf". Et pourtant, si vous lisez les passages que j'ai surlignés, vous comprendrez qu'une grosse surprise (probablement hardware vu les termes) nous attend... Et on comprend également que LA surprise n'a pas été encore révélée.

Bonne journée !


La question de cette semaine : les lecteurs meurent d'envie d'en savoir plus sur la Revolution. Pourquoi tant de silence ? Quand aura-t-on de nouvelles informations ? Et devra-t-on vraiment atendre jusqu'à l'E3 ?

Perrin Kaplan, vice president du marketing, Nintendo of America:

Matt, toi et moi avons joué à ce petit jeu depuis un bon moment, toi me posant des questions et moi ne répondant qu'à certaines d'entre elles ! Tu sais, j'adore te torturer, donc... Les informations concernant les nouveaux produits n'arrivent jamais assez vite pour ceux ayant un gros apétit, et ce n'est pas différent [pour la Revolution]. Toutefois, comme l'histoire l'a montré, Nintendo n'invite les gens à se mettre à table que lorsque le repas est fin prêt. Ceci dit, nous ne voulons pas que vous arriviez complètement affamés à table, vous aurez donc droit à quelques informations intéressantes [d'ici l'E3].

Souviens-toi [Matt] que tu es quelqu'un de vraiment particulier pour nous, et quand nous serons prêts à révéler ce qu'il y a de si unique et innovant à propos de la Revolution, tu feras partie des premiers au monde à mettre les mains dessus, tu pourras alors raconter à tes lecteurs tout l'émotion que tu auras ressentie en y jouant. Jusqu'à ce jour important, continue de faire de l'exercice et de bien dormir, et de manger équilibré !

Viva la Revolution!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A game is over, the final wait begins !

Hi everyone !

I got news for you today. I never worked on Revolution. I never worked for Nintendo. So, you will ask, why did i do this blog ? There are three main reasons :

- I wanted to prove how easy it is to spread false information on the internet.

- I wanted to study reactions of people to rumours and how people make their own interpretation of them.

- To show how easy it is to "predict" things that you don't know, and how people turn facts into something compatible with "predictions", like this is the case with mediums for example... Furthermore, people often only remember about matching events, and not about non-matching events. Everyone has noticed i had announced the Revolution Controller in his design. But very few had note that i did a big mistake in its description, which is that the two parts would be motion sensitive, which is obviously not the case. People only remember what the positive part. Like when a medium does 10 predictions, if only 1 really happens, you'll say "Wow, he predicted it". When you make a certain amount of predictions, some of them are always true at the end !

So you'll ask : "But how did you know all this stuff about the controller, the MMORPG, new features of Zelda and stuff ?". Very simple : i knew nothing. I'm only a Nintendo fan since i'm 9 years old. I think Revolution will be a true revolution of gaming, and make me fill like in front of my NES the very first time, on Christmas day. I follow very closely every information related to Revolution and i was often wondering : "What could be intersting from Nintendo to do ?". And i thought. One day i was thinking about it, i thought "It would be amazing for example if the new Zelda, which has been delayed, could use the new controller." Another day, as i'm a RPG fan, i thought "How great it could be if wizards could sommon spells with moves, formulas and so on !". So, i'm only a good "gesser" let's say.

This blog will remain open, and i'll update it with news and personal articles on Nintendo Revolution. I hope that you won't blame me for having shared a dream with you, and i hope you'll keep following my blog even if i'm a 'fake'. Finally, i hope that you enjoyed reading my blog, and that you are not too much disappointed ;-) Personal message for Kevin from Zogdog : my identity is fake, but my friendship for you is true, mon cher :-)

Comments are back, so go on !

See ya, guys !


Bonjour à tous !

J'ai du nouveau pour vous aujourd'hui. Je n'ai jamais travaillé sur la Revolution. Je n'ai jamais travaillé pour Nintendo. Alors, vous demanderez-vous,

pourquoi ai-je fait ce blog ? Il y a trois principales raisons :

- Je voulais montrer combien il est facile de répandre des informations errronées sur Internet.

- Je voulais étudier la réaction des gens face aux rumeurs, et comment ces gens se font leur propre interprétation de ces rumeurs.

- Pour montrer enfin combien il est aisé de "prédire" des choses que vous ne savez pas, et comment les gens transforment des faits en quelque chose de compatible avec les "prédictions", comme cela peut être le cas avec les voyants par exemple... De plus, les gens ne se souviennent souvent que de événements qui arrivent effectivement, et pas ceux qui ont été prédits et qui n'arrivent pas. Tout le monde a bien noté que j'avais correctement prédit le design du controlleur de la Revolution. En revanche, seules quelques très rares personnes ont vu que j'avais commis une grosse erreur dans sa description, qui est que les deux parties seraient sensibles au mouvement, ce qui n'est évidemment pas le cas. Les gens ne se souviennent que des prédictions positives. Comme quand un voyant vous fait 10 prédictions, si une seule se révèle exacte, alors vous vous direz "Wouaw, il l'avait prédit!". Quand vous faites un certain nombre de prédictions, il y en a toujours des correctes au final !

Alors vous vous demanderez sûrement : "Mais comment savais-tu pour la manette, le MMORPG, les nouvelles fonctionnalités de Zelda et le reste ?". C'est très simple : je ne savais rien. Je suis un fan de Nintendo depuis l'âge de 9 ans. Je pense que la Revolution sera une vraie révolution de notre manière de jouer, et qu'elle me fera revenir en arrière en ce jour de Noël où j'ai eu ma NES et où je l'ai allumée pour la première fois. Je suis de très près l'actualité de la Révolution, et je me demandais souvent : "Qu'est-ce qu'il serait intéressant de faire pour Nintendo ?". Et je réfléchissais. Un jour où j'y pensais, je me suis dit "Ce serait excellent si dans le nouveau Zelda, qui a été retardé, on pouvait utiliser les capacités uniques de la manette". Un autre jour, comme j'adore les RPG, je me suis dit "Et si dans un jeu, les magiciens pouvaient lancer un sort avec des mouvements spéciaux et des formules !". Je n'ai qu'une bonne intuition dirons-nous.

Ce blog restera ouvert, et je le mettrai à jour avec des news et des articles personnels sur la Revolution. J'espère que vous ne m'en voudrez pas d'avoir partagé un rêve avec vous, et j'espère que vous continuerez à suivre mon blog même si je suis un 'fake'. Enfin, j'espère que vous avez aimé ce blog, et que n'êtes pas trop déçus ;-) Un message personnel pour Kevin de Zogdog : mon identité est fausse, mais mon amitié pour toi est sincère, mon cher :-)

Vous pouvez de nouveau poster des commentaires, alors allez-y !

A la prochaine !

Monday, January 02, 2006

Revolution definitive name and dashboard

Hi all,

First i'd like to wish to all of you a happy new hear, with love, happiness, money, health and so on. And 2006, of course, will also be the year of Nintendo Revolution !

Before going further, i'll precise some little details. In the comments section, it appears that some people have not read my previous posts : Nintendo "ON" will be an Add-on, and won't be sold with the console. This includes the brain and the visor. I precise too that the motion detection using an infrared system has been cancelled, and that the Nunchaku attachment will replace it in its role of moving in the virtual environment. It's much cheaper.

I'll begin this year by announcing you the final name of the codenamed Nintendo Revolution. This name has been floating around for a long time, but it was in competition with two main others, which are Nintendo Millenium System and Nintendo Infinity System. So, the definitive name of Revolution will be Nintendo Revolution System, or Nintendo RS. Many of you will think : "hey, we already heard this name before, with Osoko Tanaka for example... ", or "Nintendo RS is the name of the fake video found on Google a few days ago...". You are true :-) But the final name is Nintendo RS, that's all. Why such a similarity with Nintendo DS ?

Simply because RS and DS will be able to connect each other for some exclusive functionalities that i'll explain soon, you'll see that RS has been developped in a way that DS will have an important role in some features. They will complete each other, in a kind of unique system. This is one of the surprises to come. Furthermore, DS and RS have in common that they represent a new way to play, and are radically different from other hardware. Finally, the public heards about "Revolution" for a long time, so the "Revolution" word had to be in the final name. You know every reasons by now, and next month at DICE, you'll see that i'm right. Reggie will say during his speech at DICE 2006 (February) that Nintendo RS is the official name of Nintendo Revolution.

Finally, i'll say some words about the dashboard picture that you can find easily on the Internet :

When i saw it : "Wouahahahah". Nice try. But very bad fake, really. The definitive dashboard does not look like this poor one, and the logo is very different too. Poor fakers :-) I wanted to say people how bad this fake is, because the real dashboard is really very nice-looking.

See ya !

NB : une petite note en français pour ceux qui m'ont laissé des messages dans cette langue dans la section comentaire et qui sont allergiques à l'anglais : le "ON" est un add-on, et n'est en aucun cas vendu avec la console ! De plus, le systèm de détection de mouvements par infrarouge a été abandonné, car trop couteux, et remplacé par le controlleur "Nunchaku". Désolé de ne pas avoir le temps de répondre à toutes les questions, mais la grande majorité a déjà trouvé réponse dans des messages précédents, consultez les archives de ce blog. Merci.

PS : Kevin, your questions are on the way ;-)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Quelques petites choses en français...

...histoire que ceux qui ont posté dans les commentaires et qui n'aiment pas l'anglais ne restent pas sur leur faim. Tout d'abord quelques précisions : le "casque", ou "ON" pour que tout le monde se repère (je ne donnerai pas le nom définitif de cet add-on), ne sert qu'à voir et entendre ce qui se passe dans le jeu. La fonctionnalité de détection de mouvements par infrarouge a été abandonnée, car trop approximative et surtout chère... Afin de pouvoir interagir avec l'environnement virtuel, cela se passe en deux temps : agir (avec le controlleur), et se déplacer (avec l'extension "nunchaku").

Les informations sur les spécifications techniques de la Revolution qui ont filtré des développeurs sont pour leur grande majorité exactes, à quelques subtilités près.

Pour ceux qui attendent que je réponde à la seconde partie des questions, qu'ils lisent mes messages précédents. La réponse s'y trouve dans 90% des cas... Merci de prendre la peine de lire.

Enfin, j'invite ceux qui sont "sceptiques" envers l'existence du "ON" (le casque, mais aussi le "cerveau" qui contient son CPU et GPU, comme je l'ai déjà dit) à se poser les questions ci-dessous. Après, je ne vais pas vous forcer à y croire...Vous verrez en temps voulu.

=> La Nintendo Revolution sera plus petite que la Game Cube, et même beaucoup plus petite. Paraît-il plausible qu'une technologie supérieure à celle de cette console, sans compter les fonctionnalités de "console virtuelle", puisse tenir la-dedans ?

=> A votre avis, pourquoi tout ce mystère de la part de Nintendo, cette volonté délibérée de créer des rumeurs et un phénomène d'attente ? Pour un simple gadget ?

=> Croyez-vous vraiment qu'une console un peu plus puissante que la Game Cube aurait couté si cher à développer ?

Voilà, j'ai dit ce que j'avais à dire. Que vous croyiez ou pas, c'est votre affaire : je ne vais pas passer mon temps à me justifier ou à répondre à des questions essayant de me mettre en défaut. Je crois avoir assez diffusé, au travers de ce blog, suffisemment d'informations qui se sont révélées exactes.

Très bientôt, de nouvelles informations sur les nouvelles fonctionnalités ajoutées à Zelda : TP, ainsi que sur le superbe MMORPG actuellement en développement.

Bonnes fêtes à tous !

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fake or not ?

I had a long conversation with Kevin from Zogdog forum, which has a nice blog on Revolution news. He wrote an article, on how he tried to see if i'm fake or not. Now, read his article that he kindly proposed to me to copy/paste here, and make YOUR opinion.

It's the question that most Revolution conspiratist are asking. Is N5_Dev fake or real? Showing up in August, Nv_Dev oppened up a blog and claimed to know the very secrets of the Revolution. Within the same day many people made up their minds that N5_Dev was fake. Specially when showing a picture of the ON and calling it a prototype to the Revolution. However N5_Dev had joined the ZogDog forums? and posted that the controller was going to be in two parts. Once piece to move the character around and the other to aim. Most people wrote him off as fake. However come TGS he was found to be corrected. Recent news from N5_Dev about Zelda: Twilight Princess being compatable with the Revolution controller and the mentioning of an MMORPG came true. Zelda: Twilight Princess was confirmed to be playable with the Revolution controller and Reggie gives strong hints about MMORPG's.

Just a lucky coincidence you might think. So did I. I was lucky to score a few conversations with him on messenger and just tonight I got the bright idea to test his identity. How so? He claimed to have lived between Japan, France and the US so why not give him some small tests? I first asked him what languages he knows. He told me French and English. I gave him a few short text messages to translate from French to English (including some text in a picture) and he was able to do it. I asked him who the Prime Minister of France was and again guessed right. So I figured well maybe he just got lucky and really just lives in France. So I asked him who the Prime Minister of Japan was and again quickly he guess right. Could he have looked them up? Well it took him about 20 seconds to respond so I don't think so. It took me quite a bit longer to look up the answers. Also I would say that the average Revolution fan would not know the answers to those questions. I didn't before I looked them up. I asked him the time and in a European form he gave me the time quickly.

OK so there is no way to prove his identity 100% but I have been unable to prove him wrong and I can not outsmart him. We had a three way conversation and he answered every question very well without stumbling or slowing down. We had about an hour long chat today inwhich more then 50 new questions where asked and answered. He was very kind the entire time and even had a European way of talking and had poor English which is understandable for it being a second language. I just can't out smart him. He has offered to play some DS WiFi games with him online so I am thinking about picking them up so we can play. If I am lucky perhaps I can get to actually talk to him over the microphone. I am not one to believe these blogs but I must admit he has answered everything I threw at him very well and he definitely knows his French. I didn't give him enough time to even look up the answers so it does seem he actually knows.

Some of the people who read my blog may get mad at me for making this post and giving into the hype. Everyones been so anti-ON that just recently a guy actually threatened to kill someone who mentioned it on GameSpot. He was eventually modded. I mean people go crazy over the very mention of it. I have for the longest time thought it was fake and right now I sit here with uncertainty. N5_Dev just seems to real to be fake. I will not post the conversation online as requested by N5_Dev so don't ask to see it. I really don't know what to think. IF he is fake then he is by far the best fake I have ever seen. He was at the very least accurate on his character background and he does know French. He wanted to make that very clear throughout our conversation. I will most likely have quite a few more chats with N5_Dev so if ayone has any questions send them to me (preferably in the comments section below this post).